Department of Public Works

Richard Tetreault, Superintendent
 (802) 476-3522
 M-F, 7:00am - 3:30pm
Weekend and Holidays, Nights call:  
(802) 476-3147

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Public Works

Department of Public Works

The Barre Town Department of Public Works is responsible for town highways (approximately 96 miles: 68 paved miles and 28 gravel), the sewage collection system with two pump stations, the water system with two pump stations, two water storage tanks and a well. The DPW operates its own sand and gravel pit which supplies sand for the winter road maintenance and gravel for road maintenance and reconstruction. The shop or vehicle maintenance staff maintains the town's entire fleet of vehicles and equipment. In addition to their regular duties the DPW provides labor and equipment to operate the Holden Road Lawn Waste site. The DPW is called upon whenever any town department needs construction or building maintenance help. The DPW employs fourteen people, including management and the shop staff and takes on four seasonal positions each summer.

Call the Department of Public Works (DPW), using the phone numbers shown above to report problems or concerns with town roads, sewerage system, or water system. DPW will also respond to reports of trees in the road, missing or damaged road signs, suspected sewer backups, or leaking water lines. Report problems with streetlights to the Town Manager's Office (802-479-9331). For information about the lawn waste site and the Wilson Recycling Depot see the Solid Waste Department page.


  • DONE: July 17 - 28 (Pavement Milling): Cogswell St., Baptist St., Drury Hill Rd., Websterville Rd. from Teja Rd. to Church Hill Rd., Countryside Cir., Graniteville Rd. - Middle Rd. to Baptist St., Church Hill Rd. to pole #35, Barclay Quarry to Drury Hill Rd.
  • DONE: Aug. 14 - Aug. 25 (Hot Mix Paving, Phase 1): Websterville Rd. - Teja Rd. to Church Hill Rd., Graniteville Rd. - Middle Rd. to Baptist St., Cogswell St., Drury Hill Rd., Baptist St., & Church Hill Rd. to Drury Hill Rd.
  • UPDATED: Aug. 28 - Sept. 15 (Hot Mix Paving, Phase 2): Nuissl Road, Conti Circle, Apple Blossom Lane, Beckley Hill Road - Town line to end of pavement, Countryside Circle.
  • UPDATED: Sep 21-26 (Nova Chip paving): Buena Vista Cir., Lemay Dr., Alnita Ln., Chris Path Wy., Valley View Cir., Sunnyside Cir., Crab Apple Ln., Apple Blossom Rd., Sterling Hill Rd.

If you have any questions regarding the work to be done on a road near your property, please contact the Town Engineer’s Office at 479-2595.