Public Works

Water and Sewer

Problem/Emergency Phone Numbers:
Day: 802-476-3522 (Town Garage)
Off-Hours: 802-476-3147 (Emergencies Only)


Annual flushing of the Barre Town water distribution system Oct 1-12. Affected areas will be Sterling Hill Development, Cherrywood Development, Lower Websterville, Wilson Industrial Park and East Barre. The days of flushing in these areas, water may look cloudy or discolored. If this occurs simply run the tap until the water clears.


The Town of Barre water system is operated by several certified operators in an effort to provide users with safe drinkable water at all times. System operators' duties are:

  • Regular testing of the water for contaminants (See Water Quality Report)
  • Daily checks of the system for operational problems
  • Flushing of hydrants during the Spring and Fall
  • Reading of Water meters quarterly (See Clerk's Office - Utility Billing)  
  • Maintenance of the water system infrastructure including pumping stations, wells, and pipes.
  • Meeting Federal and State requirements as needed.
The homeowner is responsible for the maintenance of water/service lateral that comes from the main water line to the house, which often times can be on the other side of the road.

The Town of Barre water system provides water to approximately 450 customers in East Barre, Lower Websterville, and the Countryside section of town. The current rate charged is a base rate ($56.00 per quarter) plus your water usage ($6.70 per 100 cubic feet).

To pay your Water Bill online click here


The Town sewer system facilitates the needs of customers in many sections of Town (GIS Mapping System). All sewage goes to a Wastewater Treatment Plant in Barre City, where the town has purchased a large allocation of the treatment capacity. Barre Town conducts regular maintenance of the town's sewer system, which includes flushing sewer mains and cleaning manholes. The Town and the City jointly purchased a flusher/vacuum truck to regularly flush sewer mains to prevent blockages.

In the event of a sewer backup or sluggish disposal, please do not remove a sewer cleanout cap. Please call the town at the numbers listed above in the case of an emergency. The homeowner is responsible for the maintenance of the sewer/service lateral line that comes from the main sewer line to the house, which often times can be on the other side of the road.

The sewer rate is a flat fee of $350 (no sewer bond included) per year for each unit billed. Payments are due in February of August. This fee is not tax deductible. Connection availability questions should be directed to the Planning/Zoning Department or the Town Engineer's Office. To review the fee schedule associated with sewer connections, see Permit Fees. The connection fee is $1500 plus a $7.00 recording fee once all appropriate permitting is completed.

If your house is not on the Town's sewer system you are required to have an on-site septic system. This type of system requires a permit if you are building or new home or replacing an existing system. For further details call the Planning/Zoning Department or the Engineer's Office. (See Permit Fees)

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