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Act 46 Unified Union School District Vote

On August 15, 2018 the Barre Act 46 Merger Study Committee will present its Final Report to the Vermont State Boad of Education requesting approval to hold merger votes in Barre Town and Barre City on November 6, 2018.  In the event the State Board of Education does not approve a November 6, 2018 vote a fallback date has been tentatively set for September 26, 2018.  For this reason there are two sets of petitions for interested candidates.  For convenience, candidates can get signatures on both the November 6, 2018 petition and the September 26, 2018 petition.  Please note that the due dates on the September 26 petitions are August 17 to August 27, and the due dates onthe November 6 petitions are September 27 to October 7.

  The Board seats are Barre Town represenative and At-large representative.  The particular seat a candidate is seeking to fill needs to be indicated on the petition form prior to collecting signatures.

Barre Town representative - represents the Town of Barre.  Petition requires 30 signatures from Barre Town residents. There is one seat for a term expiring in 2020, two seats for terms expiring in 2021, and one seat for a term expiring in 2022.

At-Large representative - represents Barre Town and Barre City area.  Petition requires 60 signatures from any mix of City and Town residents.  This seat expires in 2022

ALL candidates must submit a completed and signed "Consent of Candidate" form with their petition.

For questions contact the Town Clerk's office at 802-479-9391 or email

Click on the links below for the petition and consent forms.
 November 6 election Barre Town representative petition
 November 6 election At-Large representative petition
 September 26 election Barre Town representative petition
 September 26 election At-Large representative petition
 Consent of of Candidate form.

For more information on Act 46 in Barre, please see the Act 46 web page at: