Department Heads

The Town of Barre is run by 8 different departments that handle everything in the town from marriage certificates to road repair and recreation.

For more information on each department see their specific page. 
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Barre Town Departments

Pictured from left to right: Police Chief Michael Stevens, EMS Director Chris Lamonda, Town Clerk Donna J. Kelty, Public Works Superintendent Richard "Tate" Tetreult, Town Engineer Harry Hinrichsen, Head of Planning and Zoning and Fire Chief Chris Violette, Town Manager Carl Rogers. 
Not pictured: Sexton Dwight Coffrin

Finance and Adminstration, Recreation and Solid Waste
Carl Rogers, Town Manger

Town Clerk-Treasurer
Donna J. Kelty

Planning and Zoning
Chris Violette, Planning and Zoning Administrator

Chris LaMonda, EMS Director

Fire Department
Chris Violette, Chief

Police Department
Michael Stevens, Chief of Police

Town Engineer
Harry Hinrichsen 

Public Works
Richard "Tate" Tetreult, Superintendent

Dwight Coffrin, Sexton