Solid Waste

Bulk Trash Collection

The semi-annual bulk trash collection is very popular amongst residents. This event takes place on the second Saturday in May and the third Saturday in September. For full details review the April and August editions of the Town newsletter.


  • Old furniture
  • Mattresses
  • Carpet
  • Large plastic toys
  • Pool covers and liners
  • Building material - NOTE: pieces of sheetrock, plaster, roofing shingles, and any other material or items must be in containers. Siding and lumber must be cut into easily-handled lengths. 
  • Clean lumber (not pressure treated or painted; no adhesives, or attached adhesives, tar paper, plastic or hardware) - NOTE: now banned from Vermont landfills, but will be accepted and set aside for salvaging.
  • Other large items


  • Computers, televisions, printers or other large electronic devices (may be recycled at Staples Office Supply located at 168 Ames Dr, Barre)
  • Tires (may be taken to the Wilson Depot);
  • Magazines (may be taken to the Wilson Depot);
  • Grass clippings, leaves and brush (may be taken to the Holden Road lawn waste drop-off site);
  • Bags and boxes of trash or recyclables (except corrugated cardboard);
  • Fluorescent light bulbs, paint cans, driveway sealer, roofing tar, and all other hazardous wastes must go to the CVSWMD’s household hazardous collection.


  • Car: $5
  • Pickup truck: $8
  • Unloaded car or truck w/loaded trailer: $8
  • Loaded car or truck & loaded trailer: $13
  • Truck larger than pickup (1-ton or 10' rented van, max): $13
  • Loaded large truck & loaded trailer: $20
  • Loads of roofing shingles charged double

Town Policy: This service is for Barre Town residents only; proof of residency is required. You may be turned away if residency cannot be verified. A utility bill or Town tax bill with name and address will serve as identification. Loads on trucks larger than 1-ton size will not be accepted. Salvaging is permitted on the day of collection.  This service is for large bulk items, not small items that could be disposed of through typical weekly trash collection.