Solid Waste Disposal

Wilson Recyclables
109 Pitman Road, Wilson Industrial Park,
Lower Websterville, VT 05678
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Solid Waste

Solid Waste Disposal

Above: Volunteers unload a Barre Town resident's bulk trash during the bi-annual Bulk Trash Collection.

Overview of Solid Waste Services in Barre Town

The Town of Barre does not provide and does not contract for collection of household waste (municipal solid waste).  Residents and businesses of Barre Town must make their own arrangements for trash removal and recycling. Options consist of curbside collection and dropping off trash and recyclables at a licensed drop collection point. Numerous haulers set up collection points in the area on Saturdays. The most notable collection point is located at 109 Pitman Road, Wilson Industrial Park, otherwise known as the Wilson Depot. Recyclables, tires, scrap metal, construction demo, and used motor oil are accepted at this location.

Vermont law designates solid waste management districts which are municipal corporations capable of enacting ordinances and levying taxes. Towns and cities must belong to a solid waste management district or adopt a Solid Waste Plan that receives State approval. Barre Town is a member of the Central Vermont Waste Management District (CVSWMD). For more information contact CVSWMD (802) 229-9383 or visit their website at

Barre Town provides four solid waste services. They are our Lawn Waste Site, Bulk Trash collection, Wilson Depot, and Christmas Tree collection.  During the first two weeks of January, the Department of Public Works (DPW) collects Christmas trees for chipping mulch. Trees are picked up north of Route 302 during the first week. Trees in the south area are removed during the second week. Please see the November newsletter for more details. 

How to dispose of:

Take To:

Household trash, recycling   

Wilson Depot or licensed waste haulers

Electronics - large

CVSWMD's Additional Recyclables Collection Center

Electronics – small  

CVSWMD's Additional Recyclables Collection Center


Wilson DepotCVSWMD's Additional Recyclables Collection Center

Large Metal/appliances  

Wilson Depot

Hazardous Materials  

CVSWMD Household Hazardous Waste Collection

Lawn Waste  

Barre Town Lawn Waste Site on Holden Rd