Public Notices

Public Notices

On this page you will find all special meeting and public hearing notices, and Town Meeting and Election Warnings that will also be published in a local newspaper. Occasionally, a state agency will send the Town Clerk a notice to post as well. Notices sent to the Town by other government agencies, (such as Washington County, Fire Districts, School Districts), also will be posted here.

For board and commission/committee meeting agendas and minutes click on Boards and Commissions. For Town staff contact information click on Departments. See below for all relevant documents.

General Public Notices

The tax sales originally scheduled for Thursday, November 21 have been canceled.

   The Town of Barre Selectboard has adopted an ordinance that repeals Chapter 2, Article III, Personnel Policy for Town Employees, of the Town Code of Ordinances and replaces it with a new Chapter 2, Article III, Personnel Policy.  The purpose of the ordinance is to update topics (definitions, time-off benefits, insurance benefits, pension and policies for hiring, transfers, and disciplinary actions).  The policy adopted via the ordinance has five parts, as follows:
Part I     Scope
Part II    Employee Code of Conduct
Part III   Emplolyee Benefits
Part IV   Employment Practices and Rights
Part V    Appendices (for previously adopted stand-alone personnel related policies)
   The complete ordinance is available to be read at the Town Manager's Office in the Municipal Building at 149 Websterville Road or on the town website:  Use the Charter, Ordinance and Policies tab.

New England Excess Exchange Notice of Act 250 Application Filing.

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 Barre Unified Union School District Facilities and Transportation Committee agenda for November 4, 2019.



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