CFMP Committee Charge

In June of 2022, The Barre Town Selectboard adopted the Barre Town Community Forest Management Plan Committee. Seven members of the public were appointed to serve on the Committee. The Barre Town Selectboard adopted a "Committee Charge" for the CFMP Committee to follow till completion. The Committee has condensed the Charge into an Actionable Plan:

1.) The Committee will review the current Community Forest Management Plan.

2.) The Committee will determine if any conditions of the grants from the Vermont Housing and Conservation Board and the Federal Community Forest & Open Space Program still apply.

3.) The Committee will ensure current and future use of the Town Forest is consistent with the Conservation Restrictions and Public Access Easement.

4.) The Committee will organize and coordinate the collection of information from individuals and organizations that have interest in the type of activities that may be included in the Barre Town Forest Community Forest Management Plan.

5.) Solicit input from the public at large.

6.) Obtain a professional Forester’s written recommendation for a forestry plan.

 7.) From the collection of information, the Committee will recommend revisions and submit a recommended Plan to the Selectboard for its review. The Committee’s Final Plan will be forwarded to the VHCB and Vermont Land Trust for review and approval. After comments and final drafts have been accepted by all parties, the Selectboard will vote on approval of the Plan.