Traffic and Safety Advisory Committee (TSAC)

The TSAC makes recommendations to the Selectboard about all matters related to town highway, parking area, and sidewalk safety. Common matters heard by the TSAC are changes in speed limits, establishing stop or yield intersections, and placing traffic advisory signs. The TSAC holds warned public hearings before making recommendations about regulatory matters such as speed limits, no parking zones, and stop intersections.

The Town Engineer serves as the staff contact for the TSAC. Contact the Town Engineer with questions about agenda items or about submitting a matter for TSAC consideration. The streetlight request policy and equestrian sign request policy are posted on this web site. For the next meeting of TSAC please see the town calendar

The five members are appointed by the Selectboard to 3-year terms. Members may be re-appointed. Emails and letters of interest in serving on the Committee are accepted at the Town Manager's office from late April through mid-May.