Animal Control Officer

Animal Control Officer:
Vacant - Complaints will be handled by an officer on duty.

The Barre Town Animal Control Officer is appointed by the town manager to enforce the Animal Nuisance ordinances as found in the Code of Ordinances. Call the Animal Control Officer if you encounter a domestic animal nuisance or issues of an animal in unsanitary conditions.

All Barre Town Police Officers have the ability to enforce Barre Town Animal ordinances.

A domestic animal nuisance typically applies to dogs or dog/wolf hybrids. Call the Animal Control Officer if you encounter;
  • An animal that injures a member of the general public; or kills or severely injures a domestic animal or pet.
  • An animal that repeatedly disturbs or threatens the safety of members of the public. 
  • An animal that has been permitted to damage the property of anyone other than its owner including damage to gardens, defecating on the property of another and causing injury or worry to another's domestic animals and pets.
  • An animal that is being maintained in a unsanitary condition which results in an offensive odor or is dangerous to public health or safety.
  • Property that is offense, annoying or dangerous to public health because of the number of animals or type of animals kept on the property.
  • An animal is repeatedly or habitually barking, whining, howling or making any other loud noise in a continuous or untimely manner that interferes with the reasonable use of neighboring premises.
  • A domestic animal that is diseased with either rabies or another disease that is dangerous to public health.
  • An animal that habitually chases, snaps at, barks at, or otherwise harasses pedestrians, other dogs, bicyclists, or generally any other passerby.
  • A dog that is trespassing onto property that does not belong to its owner without permission from the property owner.
  • Any other general domestic animal nuisances.
First offense incurs a civil penalty of $75. The fee will increase with each subsequent offense. Each day a violation continues may count as a separate offense.

For information on how to handle issues of nuisance wildlife, such as skunks or raccoons, click here for the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department. If you need help finding a lost animal contact the Central Vermont Humane Society

Barre Town has a leash law in place. This means that all dogs must be on a leash unless it is on the property of its owner, or on property where that property owner has given permission for the dog to be off leash. This currently includes almost all town properties, such as the Town Forest, bike paths, and most of the Rec Area. The only exception is the Town of Barre Community Dog Park within the Rec Area. All dogs in the state of Vermont over 6 months old must be licensed and vaccinated against rabies. See the Town Clerk's page on how to license your dog.