Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact the Barre City Police Department?
Barre Town and Barre City are separate municipalities.  If you have an incident in which the Barre City Police Department responded to or needs to respond to, call (802) 476-6613.

Can I fax my insurance information?
Yes you can.  Please make sure to put on your paperwork which Officer it is going to.
How do I obtain a Police Report (Accident or incident reports)?
Call (802) 479-0509 to make your request. 

When is the Winter Parking  Ban?
Winter Parking  Ban starts on November 1st through April 1st every year. Winter Parking Ban hours are 11:00pm through 7:00am.
I lost my traffic ticket, what should I do?
Call our administration line to receive a photo copy.
How can I contest a traffic ticket?
You will need to out the pertinent information on the back of the white copy of your ticket including the box on the upper left corner.  Check denied if you wish to go to court and contest the ticket. 
I am interested in doing a ride along.  Does Barre Town allow for ride alongs and if so how do I go about it?
Contact the Chief of Police or our sergeant.  You will also have to fill out a form along with a waiver.  If it is a juvenile the parent/guardian will have to sign the waiver also. 
How do get finger prints done?
If you have been arrested by the Barre Town Police Department and need to have finger prints done call our administration line to make an appointment.  If you were arrested by a different police department call that police department to make an appointment. 
For any other reason (e.g., employment, volunteering) you will need to contact Washington County Sheriff’s Department at (802) 223-3001.
Do you carry DMV forms?
Yes we do but a limited amount. The forms we have can be picked up in our lobby.  All DMV forms can be found on the Vermont DMV website
My vehicle got hit in a parking lot and I did not notice it until later.  What do I do now?
Call our non-emergency line (802) 479-0508 to report it. 
How do I obtain a restraining order?
Retraining orders are issued by the Family Court.  During business hours you can go directly to the Barre City Court House, Family Division on N. Main St, Barre City, VT.  If it is after hours call (800) 540-9990.  Also if you need any assistance with this please feel free to call our non emergency line (802) 479-0508.
How can I find out if a convicted sex offender lives in my neighborhood?
You can check that online at the Vermont Crime Infomation Center.