Outside Resources

If you are a victim or know someone in Barre Town who is, contact the Barre Town Police to speak with an officer to see what your options are.

The Barre Town Police Department partners with several non-profits that provide support and services to victims of domestic abuse and sexual assault. Please see the below links for more information

CIRCLE (formerly known as Battered Women's Service and Shelter) is the non-profit organization in Washington County, Vermont that provides support and services to victims and survivors of intimate partner violence. Circle provides various services including a 24-hour toll-free hot-line, shelter services, prevention programs, legal advocates, support groups, and training and workshop services.

SACT is a private non-profit emergency shelter that offers specialized services for survivors of sexual violence including a 24/7 crisis hotline. Their services are gender inclusive and available to all non-offending victims of sexual violence and to their family members. Their services include a 24-hour hotline, legal support, medical and hospital support, emergency overnight shelter support, rape exam recovery, counseling sessions, and sexual violence education for Washington County schools.