Welcome to the Barre Town Police Department

The Barre Town Police Department provides full-service policing 24/7 for the 7,600 residents of Barre Town. We are authorized for 8 full-time officers who are assisted by several per diem officers. The Barre Town Police Department is dispatched by Lamoille County Sheriff's Department. Lamoille provides 24-hour call center services, and they will contact the Barre Town Officer on Duty when police services are needed.

Barre Town Police Department Mission:
"The mission of the Barre Town Police Department is, by forming a partnership with the community, to improve the quality of life by providing the most professional service possible. In doing this, we will strive to earn the trust and confidence of the public. We are committed to protecting the lives, property and rights of the citizens, while impartially enforcing the law."
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