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VT- Alert is a public safety notification system that the State of Vermont, Division of Emergency Management (VEM) uses to generate alerts to the public. VEM allows Towns to adopt the use of VT-Alert to issue alerts and notifications specific to that Town. It can also be used by public agencies, such as emergency services, for internal communication. 

Barre Town has adopted the VT-Alert system and will use it to issue alerts and notifications for things such as public safety emergencies (police, fire, and EMS), weather (local severe weather, flooding, etc), road closures, press releases related to public safety and health, and any important information that needs immediate distribution.  VT- Alert has strict guidelines regarding what information can be sent out; it will not be used for everyday business such as regular town notices.  If an alert is sent, it’s because it’s a public safety concern. 

What should you do?  We would like all residents of Barre Town and others with interests in Barre Town to sign up to receive VT-Alert. Ways to do it:

  • Go to You will need to choose your delivery method—which can be a phone call, text message, email, or all three—and which alerts you’d like to receive; OR
  • Download the mobile app allowing you to receive and manage alerts on your phone by searching for Everbridge in your app store. This also allows you to receive alerts for places outside of Vermont.  

We view this alert system as a great way to get critical information out to the public, and hope that all residents and others will see the value and use it.  If you have any questions, contact the Town Office at 479-9331.