3-Acre Stormwater Information

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the market to value ratio (CLA - Common Level of Appraisal?)
Our CLA is 86.93%

What is the COD? (Coefficient of Dispersion - the measure of fairness dispensed among tax payers. A rating of 10 is considered very good.)
Our COD is 16.21%

When was the last reappraisal?
A complete town wide reappraisal was last completed in April 2021.
The prior town wide reappraisal was completed in April 2004.

What is the current tax rate?
The tax rate for the fiscal year 2023-2024 is:

Residential:    $1.9811 per 100 worth of appraisal value.
Non-Residential:   $2.2178 per 100 worth of appraisal value.

Example:   Property assessed @ 100,000 value
Tax calculation: 100,000/100=grand list value of 1,000
Residential: 1,000.00 x 1.9811 tax rate= $1,981.10 tax bill
Non-Residential: 1,000.00 x 2.2178 tax rate = $2,217.80 tax bill

Is the Grand List public knowledge?
Yes. The Grand List is lodged in the Town Clerk’s office for inspection to anyone interested and it is also posted on our website.  If you have more detailed questions on the appraisal of properties, the appraisal cards are available through the assessor’s office.

Will a property be re-assessed if purchased at a price higher than the appraisal value?

Yes, if a property sells for an amount much higher than the assessed value; or:
a)   a permit is issued reflecting a change to the property re: addition, deck, etc, or
b)   a property owner asks for a review of his/her property which can be requested any time during the year; or
c)   an error is found in the assessment

Are tax breaks offered to new businesses within the Town?
The Town of Barre offers a tax stabilization contract for industrial enterprises if certain criteria are satisfied. Application must be made before construction begins. Contact the Zoning Office (479-2595) or the Town Manager’s Office (479-9331) for the necessary forms.

Does the Town grant Veteran’s Exemptions?
Yes. A $40,000 exemption off the appraised value of the property is granted if a qualified statement is received at the Vermont Department of Veteran Affairs office before May 1st of each year. Please call the Department of Veteran Affairs at (800) 828-3379 to request the necessary documents or Click here for more information. 

Is a tax break realized for agricultural or forestry production?
Yes. A property owner owning more than 25 acres (not counting the 2 acres surrounding any dwelling) used for agriculture or forest land preservation can apply to the State of Vermont, Property Valuation & Review for an application. For an application and further program explanation you can contact the Town Clerk's Office at (802) 479-9391

Does the Town of Barre assess business personal property?

Yes, any and all equipment used for income producing purposes is assessed.  Personal property forms are mailed out to businesses by late February and should be signed and returned to the assessor’s office on or before April 20th of each year as mandated by law. 

If you own a business and do not receive a form, please call the assessor’s office at 479-2595 or click here to print the form.

An exemption of $2,500 off the total value was granted through a town vote on May 9, 1995. 


Assessed value of equipment          10,000
Less Exemption                                   -2,500

Assessed Taxable value                     7,500*
*Only the municipal portion of the tax rate is applied to personal property.


7,500/100= grand list value of $75.00 
$75.00 x .4283 (2023-2024) tax rate = $32.12 tax bill