Grand List

The Town of Barre requested an extension, therefore the 2023 Grand List was lodged in the Town Clerk's Office on Monday July 10, 2023 and is available for inspection. 

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The Grand List changes annually to reflect a transfer of ownership, new construction, renovations, newly created subdivisions, issued permits, error corrections, etc. In accordance with state law, an Abstract Grand List is lodged annually, and property owners are given the right to appeal their assessment (appraised value) to the Assessor. This grievance process usually takes place in late June or early July depending on how much of a workload the Assessor's Office has with lodging the Grand List. At the time of lodging, notices are placed in the local Times Argus Newspaper on 3 different days and a lodging notice is also posted at the Town Clerk's office and throughout the town at a minimum of 5 places. The Grand list is public information. The full Grand List is available at the Town Clerk's office and the most recent abstract Grand List is available online.