Town Clerk


On July 1, 2019, Barre Town Middle & Elementary School, Barre City Elementary School, Spaulding Union High School, and the Barre Career Center were merged to become the Barre Unified Union School District as directed by the State Board of Education by virtue of Act 46.  The following information is for historical purpose. 

Barre Town's representation on the new School Board is:  : 

Barre Town representative - represents the Town of Barre.  Petition requires 30 signatures from Barre Town residents. There are four (4) seats.  For the initial vote we had: one seat for a term expiring in 2020, two seats for terms expiring in 2021, and one seat for a term expiring in 2022.

 At-Large representative - there is one seat representing the Barre Town and Barre City area.  Petition requires 60 signatures from any mix of City and Town residents.  This seat expires in 2022

To view the Barre Unified School District Act 46 Study Committee Final Report dated August 6, 2018 click here.

For more information on Act 46 in Barre, please see the Act 46 web page at: