DMV Registration Renewal

The Town Clerk’s office can renew your snowmobile, motorboat, trailer, motorcycle, auto, school bus and truck vehicle registrations provided you have the preprinted renewal form from the Department of Motor Vehicles. Renewal fees must be paid by check or money order (to the Department of Motor Vehicles) for the correct registration fee amount only.  There is also an addtional $3.00 per registration processing fee which is paid directly to Barre Town.  This fee may be paid by cash or check. Please note that only registration renewals with current or two (2) previous months expirations can be processed.

If you do not have your preprinted DMV registration form or have one in which does not have a valid expiration date you can renew your registration online through the DMV's website or by visiting their office.

For a list of Town Clerks processing the renewal forms visit the State of Vermont Agency of Transportation.