Town Clerk

Dog Licenses

In accordance with the State of Vermont Statute Title 20 §3541-3591 and §3801-3813 the municipal clerk shall issue licenses for dogs and wolf hybrids. The licenses will take effect April 1st of each year and expire the following March.

If you own or keep a dog or wolf-hybrid that is six months or older on or before April 1st of each year you must license the pet. If you become an owner or keeper of a dog or wolf-hybrid that is six months old after April 1st you have 30 days to license the animal. Any pet that is not licensed by April 1st each calendar is subject to a late charge by State law.  Should your pet remain unlicensed after June 1st the owner is also subject to additional local penalties and possible police fines.

What do I do if I no longer own by dog/wolf-hybrid?  To keep our files current, the Town Clerk's Office would appreciate you contacting us by phone (802-479-9391) or by email ( to let us know you are no longer a pet owner.

Cost of License

The State of Vermont levies a $5.00 fee for each license sold which will fund the state rabies control programs.  Therefore, the costs listed below reflect the addition of the $5.00 fee. Contact the Clerk's Office for information regarding Breeding Licenses.

Cost of License



 Open Male/Female


After April 1st



 Open Male/Female


Rabies Information

To license a dog or wolf-hybrid, the owner/keeper shall give the municipal clerk a certificate signed by a licenses veterinarian, stating the dog or wolf-hybrid has a current approved vaccination against rabies.  The clerk is required to keep a copy of the certificate on file.

Leash Law

There is a leash law in Barre Town. For more detailed information contact the Animal Control Officer at the Barre Town Police Department, 802-479-0509.