Hunting and/or Fishing Licenses

The Town of Barre can issue resident and non-resident licenses.  A resident is a person who does now and has resided in the State of Vermont for the six months immediately prior to the date of application; and who has not, during that period, claimed residency for any purpose in any other state or country.  A lifetime licenses requires a 12 month residency.

A resident owner of lands in Vermont, his or her spouse, and their minor children may hunt on their lands and take fish within said lands without a license.  A nonresident has equal privileges if their Vermont lands are not posted.

Nonresident students enrolled in college, university or secondary school within the State at which they have successfully completed two successive semesters may purchase a resident license.  They must present to the agent a certificate from the school affirming status as a student.

Any member of the Armed Forces who is on active duty and stationed at a military base within the State of Vermont may purchase a license to hunt or fish at resident fees.  The applicant must present an official document from a commanding officer verifying the applicant’s full time military status and station within Vermont.

To Obtain a Hunting and/or Fishing License

To obtain a Hunting or Fishing license, a person may come to the Clerk's Office in person. The costs to purchase will vary depending on options selected. Hunting and Fishing licenses can be also purchased online directly through the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department, or by visiting the Fish and Wildlife office in Montpelier

Permanent Licenses for Vermont Residents 65 or older:

Residents may pick up an application form from any agent.  Once completed the form must be returned to the Montpelier Office for processing.  For more information contact the Vermont Fish and Wildlife license division at 1-802-828-1000.