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Liquor License

The State of Vermont controls the sale and distribution of beverage alcohol within their borders. They are responsible for training and licensing all establishments that sell or serve alcohol including beer and wine.  You must apply/renew a liquor license through the Town Clerk's office. 

Vermont Department of Liquor Control Portal

The Vermont Department of Liquor and Lottery’s online portal is where you can make online payments, submit applications and renewals, access training records, send enforcement and compliance inquiries, and get access to the DLL board meetings.


  1. ALL applications must be submitted to the Town Clerks’ office via the Vermont Department of Liquor Control (DLC) online portal to be approved by the Selectboard/and or the Town Clerk PRIOR to submittal to the Vermont Department of Liquor Control (DLC). 

  2. SELECTBOARD MEETINGS: The Selectboard meets every Tuesday night, and every other Tuesday night during the summer months. 

  3. APPLICATION DEADLINES: Applications must be submitted to the online portal and the proper payment to the Town must be received by the Town Clerks’ office NO later than noon on the Monday before the Selectboard meeting. 

  4. APPROVAL: Once the Selectboard/Town Clerk has approved the application the Town Clerk will approve the application on the DLC portal.  Catering Permits application must be received by the DLC a minimum of 5 business days prior to the event.  


    All current licenses expire at midnight on April 30th and it is unlawful to sell or furnish alcoholic beverages without obtaining a license. 

    All license renewals should be submitted to the VT DLC by April 1st to insure timely license renewal. 

    f you have questions regarding licensing, please contact Martin Prevost at Vermont DLC (802) 828-2339.