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Voting & Election FAQ's

Am I eligible to vote?

Any person may register to vote in the town of his or her residence who, on Election Day:

  •  is a citizen of the United States;
  • is a resident of the state of Vermont (and a resident of the town in which you apply to be added to the checklist);
  • has taken, or has previously taken, the Voter’s Oath (formerly called the “Freeman’s Oath”); and
  • is 18 years of age or more.

Any person meeting the requirements above who will be 18 on or before the date of a general election may register and vote in the primary election immediately preceding that general election. See 17 V.S.A. § 2121.

For purposes of voter registration, the Vermont Statutes define residency as follows:

“Resident” shall mean a person who is domiciled in the town as evidenced by an intent to maintain a principal dwelling place in the town indefinitely and to return there if temporarily absent, coupled with an act or acts consistent with that intent. 17 V.S.A. § 2122(b).

Register to vote:
Paper form
or visit the Town Clerk's Office to register in person

Am I registered to vote?
You can check your voter registration status by accessing your Vermont “My Voter Page” or you can contact the Town Clerk.
What is "My Voter Page"?

Vermont’s “My Voter Page” is an online resource that allows every registered voter to login and have access to a unique, voter-specific web page where you can:

  • Check your voter registration status
  • Request an absentee ballot and track its status
  • Update your voter registration details
  • View a sample ballot
  • Find your polling place
  • & much more
When is the next election?

The following elections are upcoming:

Wednesday, May 8th, 2024 – Open Town Meeting

Tuesday, May 14, 2024:  - Town Meeting Day 

Tuesday, August 13th, 2024 – Statewide Primary

Tuesday, November 5th, 2024 – General Election

Where do I vote?
Barre Town residents vote at Barre Town Middle and Elementary School in the gymnasium,  located at 70 Websterville Road, Barre, VT, 05641. Polling hours are  from 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM.

However, Open Town Meeting (Wednesday, May 8, 2024) is a floor vote and will be held at the Municipal Building, Selectboard Room at 7:30 p.m. 
How do I vote early or absentee?

Any registered voter can request and track the status of an early/absentee ballot by accessing Vermont’s “My Voter Page” at the link below.
My Voter Page

You may also request an early/absentee ballot through a direct request to the Town Clerk via phone, email, mail, or in person during office hours.  

Email: Tina Lunt or Catherine Whalen or call 802-479-9391 to request your ballot today!

Another option to submit your ballot request is to download or print a Vermont absentee ballot request form here.   This form can be emailed to the Clerk's Office. 

Please note that a request must be made each calendar year. There are NO standing absentee ballot requests.

Voted ballots can be returned to the Town Clerk’s Office by mail, in person, through the drop boxes (located at the municipal building), or by delivering to the polling place on election day. NOTE:  All early ballots being delivered to the municipal drop box MUST be received before the close of the business day (4:30 p.m.) on the day PRIOR to the election. Ballots deposited in the drop box at the municipal building after 4:30 p.m. on the day PRIOR to election day will be considered late and not counted.

For other questions regarding absentee/early voting, check the Secretary of State’s Absentee Voting FAQ by clicking here.

What will I be voting for?
Before an election, sample ballots can be found posted around town at the following locations:
Lawson's Store - Upper Webterville
Graniteville General Store - Graniteville
Harrington's - Websterville
Hannaford Market - South Barre 
Barre Town Municipal Building, Lower Websterville 

Sample ballots can also be found here.
Where can I find election results?
Barre Town election results can be found here.

The evening of the election unofficial results will be posted to the News & Announcement section of the Barre Town website homepage.  
Who is currently in office?
To see a list of the Town of Barre local elected officials, click here.

To see a list of statewide elected officials and our local legislators, click here. 
How do I run for office?

If you are a legally registered voter and interested in running for local election of town offices in the Town of Barre, you must submit a Petition for Candidacy form and Consent of Candidate form to the Town Clerk. These forms are available at the town office or can be downloaded from this page.

The Petition of Candidacy or Consent forms must be filed with the Town Clerk no later than the sixth Monday preceding the election. 

For more information about running for office, please see the Vermont Secretary of State’s office website.

I am interested in working as a poll worker. Who do I need to contact?

The Town relies on members of the community to offer their time to work at the polling place on Election Day. Tasks that workers perform include helping direct voters to the right place, handing out ballots, and marking voter participation. Workers must be registered voters in the Town of Barre. 16 and 17 year old’s may also work under the supervision of an adult worker. Strong attention to detail, and a friendly and professional manner is a must. No prior training or experience is required, as the Town will help you be prepared. Workers are paid minimum wage. If you are interested in working at the polls or would like more information, please contact Town Clerk, Tina Lunt at 802-479-9391 or email tlunt@barretown.org