3-Acre Stormwater Information

Use of Meeting Rooms

Barre Town allows local not-for-profit organizations, state agencies, and affiliated organizations to use its meetings rooms when available.  The executive secretary coordinates use of the rooms.

There are three conference room available for use. They are of different sizes and seating arrangements. All three rooms are in the handicapped accessible Municipal Building at 149 Websterville Road.  

Conference Room #1 is the selectboard’s meeting room.  It offers a large head table and seating for 50. 
Conference Room #2 is the smallest, featuring a conference table and 8 chairs (not available weekdays). 
Conference Room #3 features many chalk and white boards, and seats 14 around four tables which form a rectangle.

The town does not charge for use of its meeting rooms.  Therefore, user cooperation with the following conditions is requested:

  • Parking for approximately 25 cars is available in the back parking lot.  Front and side parking is for employees and customer parking.  Therefore, you may need to advise your participants to carpool if necessary.  Do not park in the marked Police Department spaces directly behind the Annex.
  • Enter the building through the Annex entrance (white addition).
  • If room must be re-arranged, please return it to its original arrangement.
  • Please dispose of your trash.
  • Advise your participants to remain in the areas adjacent to your conference room during breaks.  Mingling in the main hallway disrupts the offices.
  • Coffee makers are not available; bring your own. 
  • Telephones in conference rooms #2 and #3 are accessible for medical, police, or fire emergencies.  Dial 9-1-1.  A yellow emergency poster in every conference room provides necessary emergency reporting information.  Group leaders should note the emergency evacuation routes.
  • Bring your own audio-visual equipment, overhead projectors, screens, easels, etc.  The Town’s equipment may not be available or may not be working.