3-Acre Stormwater Information

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of permits might I need
          (see details for each)
Building Permit: If your constructing something outside 
Driveway Permit: Anytime you’re working near the Town road right-of-way. 
Home Occupation:  If your performing work at your house to make money.
Sewer Permit: If you are connecting to the Town sewer or increasing your capacity
Sign Permit:  If you’re a business and your advertising the use of the property
Digging in the right-of-way:  If you are working in the Town road right-of-way 

Building Permit

If you are constructing something outside and it is larger than 64 square feet, you probably need a building permit.  There are exception, if you’re siding your house or putting new roofing on or replacing something that is existing and it’s less than 500 square feet you don’t need a permit. Interior work does not need any permits from the Town of Barre.  

How long does it take to get a building permit and when can I start construction?
You should plan on at least 25 to 30 days to have a valid building permit.  In addition to administrative time a building permit also has to wait for a 15 day appeal (waiting) period.   Once you get your permit you must post a "Z" poster that we will supply.  That poster must be posted in a place that is visible from the road until the expiration date of the appeal period  

Do I need a permit for a fence?

No you do not need a permit for a fence in Barre Town. We do suggest a few common sense approaches to installing a fence.  First, be certain to know where the property line is.  Second, leave a little room between the fence and the property line, we  suggest the length of a lawn mower.  Its never a bad idea to let your neighbor know what you’re doing or at least let them know you didn't put the fence on the property line and that you intend to maintain that space.   

Do I need a permit for siding or roofing or if I'm replacing an existing structure?
You do not need a permit for exterior work such as replacing the siding or the roofing material.  If you are changing the roof line and or the pitch of the roof then you would need a permit.   If you are replacing an existing structure and it is less than 500 square feet you do not need a permit.   However, the replacement must be exactly the same as what was there before.  It is never a bad idea to get a permit just in case.     

What is the Town road right-of-way and how is setback measured from it?
Town roads are located within what is known as a right-of-way (ROW).  Those ROW's vary in width from road to road.  Many are 50 feet wide, some 33 feet.   The paved/dirt or "traveled" portion of a road is within the ROW and is usually around 22 feet wide but not always.  The setback from a ROW is not measured from the traveled portion of the road it is measured from the edge of the ROW.  The best way to determine the edge of a ROW is to find property pins, these pins are placed at the edge of the ROW.  The problem is many times there aren't pins to use.   If you know the width of the ROW you can get a rough idea by dividing the ROW in half and using that number to measure from the center of the road.  The center of the road method will give you a rough idea but is not fool proof, the road may not be in the center of the ROW.  It is always best to contact the Town Engineers office for more help at 802-479-2595.   

Driveway Permit 
A driveway permit is necessary anytime somebody is connecting to a Town road for the purpose of providing access to a property       or altering an existing driveway such as reconstructing or paving.       

Home Occupation 
A home occupation permit is necessary if you are planning to use a portion of a dwelling or attached garage for an occupation carried on by the residents of the premises which uses less than 25% of the total square footage of said dwelling or less than 75% of said garage and employs no persons other than other occupants of said dwelling and for which the occupation does not cause an undue adverse effect on the character the neighborhood and does not change the residential characteristics of said dwelling and where as said use is secondary.  Examples would include:  Cosmetology, Accounting/Bookkeeping, Computer based business, home bakery.

Sewer Permit
A sewer permit is required for all new connections to the municipal sewer system or for an increase in flow including additional living units and some types of uses. A sewer permit is required in these instances regardless of whether there is already a connection to the main sewer from the building and where the same sewer line is being used.   

Sign Permit
You need a sign permit if you are a business and your advertising the use of the property.  No sign shall be erected, enlarged, or altered (unless exempt) in anyway without a sign permit having been duly issued.

Digging in the right-of-way 
If you are conducting work within the Town right-of-way, you will need a permit.  In addition to the permit fee, there may be a required deposit to cover the cost of returning the road and sub grade back to original conditions.