Solid Waste

Lawn Waste Site

  • Lawn waste site CLOSED for the season.
  • Lawn waste volunteers wanted: The Town of Barre is seeking volunteers willing to be present at and monitor the lawn waste site for 3 hours a morning, afternoon or evening, one weekday (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, or Friday). A resident may volunteer individually or a small group of residents could offer to monitor the site. Volunteers open the site gates (cables), count the users, as needed direct users to the right drop-off area, ask users not to unload material that is not accepted, answer questions, and lock the cables. Volunteers are not expected to help unload cars or trucks. The service usually runs mid-April to early November. Volunteers need to be dependable for their selected hours but back-up can be arranged on occasion. If the pandemic worsens the volunteer's hours can be canceled. For more information call the Town Manager's Office: 802-479-9331.
How to Use the Lawn Waste Site
Proper disposal of leaves, grass clippings, tree branches, and hedge clippings is becoming more complicated as people live closer together. As of July 1, 2016, these materials are also banned from the landfill.  Barre Town has a lawn waste drop-off/composting site on Holden Road located in the Lower Graniteville as a free service to Barre Town residents.  Residents may haul their lawn waste to the site and deposit the material on the proper pile.  Composted leaves, wood mulch, and large wood for firewood are available for the taking. 

In 2003 the Selectboard adopted an ordinance regulating use of the lawn waste and composting site. Vehicle owners, or the operator if known, could be fined for using the site contrary to these simple regulations:

  • The site is to be used only when open; the DPW staffs the site on Saturday mornings May through October. Volunteers monitor the site during the week. Volunteer hours change from season to season.
  • Leaves, brush, grass and other vegetative matter must be deposited in designated areas.
  • Littering and illegal dumping are prohibited.
  • The site is for Barre Town residents' non-commercial use only.
  • Maximum brush size is 5" in diameter; larger tree branches and trunks may be left in the designated firewood area.
Prohibited materials:
Metal, dog manure, animal carcasses, household garbage, stumps, kitty litter, tires, large trash items, bags, boxes, rope, string, plastic, dirt, stones, bricks, blocks, concrete, asphalt, stumps, pallets and lumber. Click here to find out where to bring stumps or roots.

The Lawn Waste Site is located at 210 Holden Rd, about 200 yards downhill from the Rock of Ages visitor's center: