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Town Plans

The Town creates several plans to follow for the next five years. These plans allow us to plan ahead and create predictable budgets while ensuring that the town is maintaining public assets and making smart improvements in a timely manner. Public Works 5-Year Plans are revised every year. The Town also develops an overall Town Plan every 8 years and a management and conservation plan for the newly acquired Town Forest. These plans are all available below. For a hard copy of these plans, or to see copies of older plans, please contact the Town Manager's office at offices@barretown.org.
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Public Works Five-Year Plans4 documents

  • 5(4)-Year Building Plan (FY2025-2028)
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  • 5(4)-Year Equipment Purchase Plan (FY2025-2028)
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  • 5-Year Paved Road Plan (FY2025-2029)
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  • 5-Year Gravel Road Plan (FY2025-2029)
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Town Plan1 document

  • Town Plan Adopted in 2020
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Town Forest Plan1 document

  • Barre Town Forest Management Plan
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