The Town of Barre is nestled deep within the Green Mountains of Central Vermont. Our  lovely and intimate community was officially chartered in 1781 and is now home to approximately 7,900 residents.

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The Town of Barre

is home to four small unincorporated villages; including East Barre, Websterville, Graniteville, and South Barre. Each village has a post office, stores, a playground and churches.  Barre Town is known for its large granite quarries, panoramic mountain views, beautiful natural scenery, outstanding school, great residential neighborhoods, modern recreation facilities and attractive industrial park.  As an integral part of the Barre-Montpelier urban area, our families enjoy all the conveniences of an urban area while residing in some of the state's most beautiful, rural environments.  Come visit our community anytime.  There are many ways to enjoy our Town Forest, bike paths, and recreation facilities all year-round.  With our rich history of entrepreneurship, some of the world’s hardest working and most creative people, and an unparalleled quality of life, there is no better place than Barre Town to live, work, raise a family, grow a business, or recreate!  

Timely Announcements

  1. Election ballots: The Vermont Secretary of State mailed every registered voter a ballot for the General Election. If you have not yet received your ballot in the mail, call the Town Clerk’s Office at 479-9391. Ballots must be received by the Town Clerk's Office by November 3 at 7pm or they will not be counted. Return to either drop box at the Town Offices at 149 Websterville Rd. There will be an in-person polling place at the the Barre Town School on Tuesday November 3, 7a-7p, but we strongly encourage everyone to vote by mail for everyone's safety.
  2. Livestreaming of ballot tabulation before the election: Click the date for the livestream for that date: 
    -Thu Oct 29 livestream 1-4p (tentative) - link TBA
    -Fri Oct 30 livestream 1-4p (tentative) - link TBA
  3. Lawn waste site fall hours: Click here.
  4. COVID-19-related information:  Click here for other COVID-19 related announcements including where to get free masks, adjustments to town operations, and links to reliable sources of information.
  5. Get your flu shot: The Barre Town EMS Director and the Vermont Department of Health advise everyone to get their flu shot this year. To get one, call your health provider or local pharmacy, or visit the state website www.healthvermont.gov/flu leavingsiteicon and click on Find a Flu Shot. If you don’t have health insurance, call the local health office in Barre City toll free at 888-253-8786.
  6. Water system notice for through Oct 23Annual flushing of the Barre Town water distribution system continues Oct 19–23 for East Barre and Upper Websterville.  The days of flushing in these areas, water may become cloudy or discolored.  If this occurs simply run the tap until the water clears.
  7. Barre Town alternate needed to CVFiber Board. If you are interested in high speed internet for our neighbors, please apply to serve as Barre Town’s alternate to the CVFiber Board leavingsiteicon. For more information, click the link or call the town at 802-479-9331.
  8. Fireworks Notices:
    -Applications for displays of Class B or Class C fireworks are due to the Town Clerk’s office at least 15 days prior to the display date to allow enough time for review and notice to your neighbors. Click here for the fireworks display permit application or  call the Town Clerk’s office for a copy or your questions at 479-9391. 
    -Those who display Class B or Class C fireworks without a permit may be fined per state statute 20 V.S.A. § 3135.
    -Click here for a list of recent and upcoming fireworks displays that have been permitted in Barre Town.